Renewal + Reflection + Realignment


The beginning of a new year is always a great time to pause, and quietly think of all the ways God has been faithful to meet us through the previous year. When we take the time to quietly pause and allow God to speak through his Word and by his Spirit, we can hear some incredible things that might wisely direct our steps in the coming year. Here are 5 broad areas in life and ministry that perhaps might help you organize your thoughts to begin spending time reflecting on:

  • Your Walk with the Lord
  • Ministry Goals you might have
  • Personal Development Goals
  • Missional Engagement
  • Effectiveness in Ministry

Now, take a pen and paper, your Bible, and engage with the Lord through prayer and ask him to lead you by his Spirit to answer some(or all) of these questions appropriately, knowing there is grace upon grace, and that he desires to equip and empower you for the work he has created you to do in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 2:10).

1. Reflect on your walk with the Lord, where have you seen him challenge you and grow in the past few months?

2. What have been some ministry goals you have set for yourself for the past year and to what degree have you achieved them or not?

3. How have you seen yourself develop as a leader and in your role over the past year? i.e. what competencies have been developed based on your intentionality and/or use of that skill/talent?

4. How have you been intentional in being present with unbelievers and sharing the gospel with them?

5. Were there things you focused on you shouldn’t have? Were there areas where you could have focused more on and should in the next ministry year?

When you have spent some time processing these questions, write down 2-3 things you might share with other friends in your life, perhaps in your Home Group Meeting, or even with a coworker in Christ. Ask them to celebrate with you, pray with you, keep you accountable to a few things that God has revealed to you in this time. Then trust him for the strength and leading as you seek to live, speak, and serve as the very presence of God for your context. 

Tom Hudzina