A Mountaintop Word


In the Great Commission, Jesus gives his disciples a mission to be his presence in the world. This calling for our lives is not based on all of who we are, but all of who Jesus is. This truth should comfort and challenge us!

Because our calling is based on all of who Jesus is, completion of our mission is not based on our thoughts or on our power, but on Jesus’ authority. We are free to be honest in our suffering, struggles, and shortcomings individually and as a church network because fulfilling this call is based on Jesus, not on us.  

The truth that our calling is based on all of who Jesus is should challenge us; it means that the dreams for our lives should be shaped by Jesus, not our own desires. Sometimes Jesus must crush our dreams so that he can give us bigger and better ones for accomplishing his purposes in the world. Ultimately though, this truth empowers and comforts us as we remember that Jesus really is with us. Let us remember Jesus’ presence with us as we step out to accomplish his mission in the world individually and as a church network.

For more of Steve's sermon at this years Annual Liberti Network Joint Worship Gathering, view it here. 

Tom Hudzina