We believe that there are three, key ministry areas which we’re able to pursue far more easily together.



The first Liberti church began in 2002 under Steve Huber and Geoff Bradford’s leadership and began with a vision for the city of Philadelphia.  This mission has grown into planting many Liberti churches in eastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey. Our prayer is that we will press ahead in church multiplication for years to come.

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Central to the good news about Jesus is that we are a people who have experienced mercy and are called to express tangibly the mercy and compassion of God. Liberti churches seek to be communities where people are helped with practical needs, and where everyone is encouraged to use their gifts to serve those in need. Our current local partnerships within the network include Easter Outreach, Aid for Friends, Alpha Care, Philadelphia Gospel Movement, and others.



Through international partnerships, the Liberti Church Network is also seeking to plant and strengthen churches that will live, speak, and serve as the very presence of Jesus throughout the world, particularly in the world's newest nation, South Sudan. Our current international partners within the network include Harvesters Reaching the Nations, Water is Basic, ALARM, and Partners International, and others.