Central to the good news about Jesus is that we are a people who have experienced and are called to tangibly express the mercy of God. Liberti Churches seek to live as individuals who are empowered and motivated by God’s love and grace. We believe that the mercy we have experienced should influence the causes we care about. We seek out the things that are broken, that they might be fixed.






Liberti churches can be identified by our essential core values that are expressed and lived out within the Liberti Network of churches. These flow from the gospel of Jesus and shape how we relate to God in worship, to each other in community, and to the world in mercy. This is the foundational Gospel calling for all Liberti Churches and therefore we seek to cultivate these core values...


In Our Worship

Gospel Centrality We see all of life, the scriptures, and the church through the lens of the gospel.  We teach with the understanding that all of the scriptures point to Jesus, who is the fulfillment of all God’s promises.. It is the good news of Jesus that motivates us to live, speak, and serve as his very presence––and not moralism, intellectualism, or mere experience.

Winsomely Reformed We are led by pastors and elders that embrace the Reformed articulation of the Christian faith while seeking to live with humility and gratitude as we learn from other faithful traditions in the body of Christ.

Contextualized We seek to reflect the various communities in which we gather, live, and serve, rooting ourselves in the particular place and context that God has placed them in.  

Liturgical We rehearse and narrate the movements of the Gospel in our worship gathering, and we seek to benefit from the riches of historic Christian worship and to express these riches in our worship gatherings.

Hospitable We are hospitable, welcoming those who have yet to embrace Christianity but are willing to have their questions, doubts, and struggles both honored and addressed.

In Our Community

Covenantal We cultivate community where people are called to see themselves and each other not as consumers of “church" but as covenantal members in the body of Christ.

Partnership We are committed to working together with other Liberti Churches in mission, for the sake of the kingdom of God. 

Ecumenical We are committed to partnering as churches in mission together with all of Christ’s church that confess historic Christian faith.

In Acts of Mercy

Compassion We are committed to demonstrating the compassion and justice of the Gospel in tangible ways, to the neediest people and most broken places in our region and world. 

Church Planting We believe that the most effective way to reach the world for Jesus is to plant new Churches and are committed to supporting the efforts of church planting both locally and globally. 




Q: What’s the deal with your name? “Liberti” is the Latin word for the “freed people” in ancient society who were formerly in bondage but were now free because their ransom had been paid. The name “Liberti” has both a gospel connection because Jesus brings real freedom to us and to this broken world, and it also connects us to the history of the Philadelphia region that we love.

Q: I'm not sure if I’m a Christian, am I welcome at Liberti Church? Absolutely. Liberti Churches welcome those who have yet to embrace Christianity and are willing to have their questions, doubts, and struggles honored and addressed.  We desire and expect spirituals seekers and skeptics to be present at everything we do.

Q: Which Liberti Church should I visit? Liberti churches seek to reflect the community in which they gather, live, and serve.  Consequently, we would suggest visiting the one closest to you!

Q: Who leads the Liberti Network? We have a leadership team that oversees our mission together as a network. Learn more about our leadership team here.

Q: Why do you care so much about planting new churches? Well, because we believe that when Jesus said, “Go and make disciples of all nations,” he truly intended it as commission for his people throughout all of history. Jesus calls his followers to spread his good news, which will lead to new communities of Jesus being formed and new churches being planted!

Q: Is Liberti one church with many campuses? Nope. The Liberti Church Network is made up of locally led churches that are networked together for the sake of Jesus’s mission in our region and around the world.

Q: Is Liberti a church denomination? No we Instead, we are a network of individual churches across various denominations or networks in the Reformed “branch” of the Christian family. All of the Liberti Churches are part of the Liberti Network in addition some other denomination or network.

Q: What denominations/networks are represented in the Liberti Church Network? Currently we have Liberti Churches that are affiliated (or doubly affiliated) with the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), the Reformed Church in America (RCA), and the Acts 29 Church Planting Network.

Q: What is Easter Outreach about?  Easter Outreach donates thousands of free meals to our neighbors in need and also gives the gift of clean water in the world’s newest country, South Sudan––all in celebration of the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. What started as a small outreach in a single Liberti congregation has grown into a collaborative effort that now involves over 60 churches in the region. Learn more about Easter Outreach here.

Q: I'm a college student or recent graduate and am interested in growing as a servant leader. Who can I talk to about jumping in to serve with Liberti? Andy Young serves as a missional team leader for Cru Philly and oversees all of our student connections. You can learn about Mission Liberti here and can reach out to Andy Young at andy.young@cru.org.